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Born in Belfast in 1981, Anna Bateson began drawing and painting as a child in the UK. Long walks through countryside and along the seashores of Britain would start a lifelong appreciation for the outside. Moving throughout her childhood and teenage years to places such as Ohio, Luxembourg and Singapore she later decided to study art at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and then moved to Barcelona, where the beautifully detailed building facades and vibrant atmosphere inspired much of the color detail and movement in her work.

Looking for a change of culture and in order to explore career possibilities she accepted a move to Dubai and became fascinated with the juxtaposition of modernity and tradition, wealth and hardship, found in the desert city.

Becoming involved in diving while in Dubai, the sea became a central theme to her work. The idea of fleeting moments and emotions caught through painting to enable a timeless contemplation was reflected by the ever- changing yet eternal moods of the ocean. This desire to express the nuances of nature and human experience, as well as the tiny details on which many great thoughts are built, has led to paintings inspired by experiences in Nepal, Oman, Thailand, Venezuela, Florida and her current home state of North Carolina.

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